Jan 09, 2017 · Actually, the correct syntax is tracert -4 or ping -4 . By default Windows 10 seeks to use IPv6, so if it's not enabled on your outbound network device or connection (for many folks IPv6 will not be turned on at their routers) a basic ping or tracert command that lacks the -4 IPv4 designator may not work (as yours did not).

ping works, no internet in browser. Using mobile phone hotspot from Reliance Jio. Hotspot works okay in Windows. – vineeshvs Mar 18 at 7:05. add a comment | 0. 193.168.x.x is an internal IP address which may point that you have a bad configured DNS server on your LAN. What Is "Ping" and How Does It Affect the Internet? - Make Mar 26, 2019 ping and tracert works, but no access to internet on Sep 16, 2017 Windows 7 No internet Access but network connected Aug 11, 2018

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Connecting to Wifi Network but No Internet Access? - Dell Gets a correct IP address but is unable to ping the router or load any web pages, including the router web interface. I ran the Dell online test which shows that yep the card is working but no internet. reboot Windows and see if Win10 can find a native driver that works. …

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Aug 24, 2017 · But as you can see, it’s pretty simple. I love recommending the solution 2 which works all the time, no matter what. This works for Windows 7 as well. This fix works for all the Windows 10 connection issues such as being connected to WiFi but no internet. 😉 Aug 31, 2010 · If you could ping external sites by both IP address and Name, but cannot browse the web, likely your web browser is misconfigured. Double check that you don't have an incorrect or not needed Proxy server assigned. For the Internet Explorer, follow these steps. a. Open Internet Explorer. b. Go to Tools / Internet Options. c. Click on Connections We have a company we work with. We cannot send them email. Cannot ping their IP address from our internet connection. From another internet connection ping works fine. We have no issue with any other web address. Don't see any issues our end and other company say no issue there end. Any suggestions on what could be causing this?