Aug 15, 2011 · I have a free trail of overplay, in the hope that I can watch the GAA Sunday match in the UK via my android tablet. I wanted to set up my google chromecast to cast it onto the big Tv screen, however overplay support say that it not possible as googlechrome will only use the primary google settings.

First or all you will have to setup your router to use our DNS as you can't set the DNS manually on a Chromecast. Please go here to find specific instructions for your router. Next you will have to block Google DNS at router level as the Chromecast is programmed to communicate with Google´s own DNS servers:, SmartDNS Setup - OverPlay OverPlay allows you to securely access your favorite websites from around the globe. Learn how to set up OverPlay SmartDNS on all of your devices. Setup OverPlay SmartDNS: Apple TV – OverPlay 8. Confirm your DNS has been updated as shown below: 9. Press the Menu button on your remote a few times until you get back to the main Settings screen and then select System.. 10. Select Restart. Your Apple TV is now configured for OverPlay SmartDNS. Others found the following articles useful 100% Genuine OverPlay Review | The Best Smart DNS Today May 06, 2018

Quando o Chromecast estiver configurado, não será preciso repetir todos esses passos sempre que desejar utilizá-lo. Basta ligar a TV, sintonizar a entrada do Chromecast, abrir a Netflix no smartphone ou tablet e fazer o “Cast” ao dispositivo. Quando assistir uma série, é possível escolher o episódio.

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Jul 15, 2020 · 20 How do I unblock Netflix on a device that doesn't support my VPN app like Roku, Chromecast, smart TV, Apple TV, PS4, or XBox? 21 Can I unblock Netflix using a smart DNS proxy? 22 Is it legal to use a VPN with Netflix? 23 Netflix VPN ban: What the VPN providers say; 24 Unblocking Netflix across the globe: study. 24.1 International Netflix

Jan 26, 2014 How to Hide Your IP address (8 easy methods, 6 are Free) Dec 19, 2019 Best Chrome app to change region? — Digital Spy Mind you chromecast doesn't by default work with DNS services either as its hardcoded to use Googles DNS. You need a router that not only lets you set your own DNS server (which most ISP suppled ones don't) and will then need to either be able to set IPTables to divert requests to googles dns of and to the router itself or you How to Get US Channels on Roku Box if you are outside of Apr 21, 2014