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Feb 07, 2019 5.3 Differences between VPN Server and VPN Bridge VPN Server and VPN Bridge. SoftEther VPN Server described in 3.SoftEther VPN Server Manual is a software product that provides VPN server functions to the VPN client computer. This software allows you to place several Virtual Hubs on a single VPN Server so VPN Client or VPN Bridge can establish a VPN connection to a Virtual Hub over the network from a remote location. 31.6. Bridging Layer 2 VPN. Two Ethernet networks can be joined across an IP link by bridging the networks to an EtherIP tunnel or a tap (4) based solution such as OpenVPN. Layer 2 Redundancy. A network can be connected together with multiple links and use the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) to … OpenVPN configuration examples - Wiki Knowledge Base

Use a Bridge to Expand Your Local Network

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