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Jan 03, 2019 · About 326,000 people were affected in the breach, which compromised names, dates of birth, addresses, Social Security numbers, and limited medical information. Dow Jones March 1, 2019: A database containing 2,418,862 identity records on government officials and politicians from every country in the world was leaked online from a Dow Jones May 12, 2017 · Security Breach: A security breach is any incident that results in unauthorized access of data, applications, services, networks and/or devices by bypassing their underlying security mechanisms. A security breach occurs when an individual or an application illegitimately enters a private, confidential or unauthorized logical IT perimeter. A Aarogya Setu app has no vulnerability; no data, security breach has happened: Govt. The government has mandated public sector and private employees who go to offices to download the app, as also people who are in the containment zone - localised areas where there is a Covid-19 positive case detected. 06 May, 2020, 08.14 AM IST Cyber Security Hub provides readers with a notable ‘Incident Of The Week.’ The analysis is loaded with best practices and tips on incident response — whether it’s how to handle the situation, as well as in some cases, what not to do. Here are your top cyber security breach headlines so far. online security breach Identity theft tops Indian consumer security concerns: Unisys Security Index The Index score of 223 out of 300 signifies that Indians have a high level of security concern across national, financial, internet and personal security covered by the survey. CouchSurfing, an online service that lets users find free lodgings, is investigating a security breach after hackers began selling details of 17 million users on Telegram channels and hacking forums. Bookmark Jul 14, 2020 · 2020 Security Breaches Clubillion Casino/Gambling App. When It Happened: It was discovered on March 19, 2020, and made public around April 5, 2020. Who It Affected: Up to 200 million records and up to 50 GB of data per day (10,000+ user accounts, mostly in the U.S.).

Dec 19, 2019 · Ring has claimed that this attack was the result of credential stuffing, a technique where attackers gather usernames and passwords compromised in another data breach and try them on other websites. Ring claims that the incident is “in no way related to a breach or compromise of Ring’s security.”

May 28, 2020 · Minted, a US-based marketplace for independent artists, has disclosed a data breach after a hacker sold a database containing 5 million user records on a dark web marketplace.

Feb 22, 2019 · Also exposed, in some cases, were customer credit scores, credit limits, balances, payment history, and contact information. The hacker behind this breach also accessed about 140,000 Social Security numbers of potential Capital One credit card customers and about 80,000 linked bank account numbers of secured credit card customers.

A security or network breach consists of unauthorized third-party access to any device, server, network or application. This is possible by violating the current security system using certain types of attacks until the attacker breaks one of the security layers and gains access, or by manipulating the weakest link in any company — humans Apr 19, 2020 · ZDNet has obtained the data dump with the help of experts from the data breach monitoring service Under the Breach who also noticed the data leak. “ZDNet has learned that details about the vulnerability have been circulating online before today’s leak for months, both on hacking forums and on online IM chat groups.” reported ZDNet. Equifax Security Breach - September 2017 Equifax, one of the largest credit bureaus in the U.S., recently experienced a security breach that has potentially impacted 143 million U.S. consumers. We understand that our customers are concerned. Please be aware that this is not a breach of FNB systems.