Offering a hotspot lending program at your library offers endless opportunities for your patrons, especially those that lack broadband connectivity at home. This free webinar will offer public library staff tools and resources for how and why to start a hotspot lending program. Participants will hear from two public library staff members who will share insights about their libraries

Apr 08, 2020 Building a Rural Library Hotspot Lending Program: Results Hotspot Program Barriers and Extension's Role The librarians were unanimous in indicating that they would not have set up a hotspot lending program on their own. There were too many unknowns, such as what the patron response would be, whether thefts would be an issue, how they would pay for the devices and data, and how much of their time would Mobile Internet plans for HotSpots | T-Mobile Support Mobile Internet plans for your HotSpot device include: Unlimited data with between 2 and 22 GB of high-speed data, depending on your plan. Unlimited 3G Mobile HotSpot after you use your high-speed data up to your plan's limit. Unlimited texting (on compatible devices) 10 Top WiFi Hotspot Software for PC Windows 10 Apr 21, 2020

May 09, 2020

HotSpot | Department of Energy Description: The HotSpot Health Physics Code is used for safety-analysis of Department of Energy (DOE) facilities handling nuclear material. Additionally, HotSpot provides emergency response personnel and emergency planners with a fast, field-portable set of software tools for evaluating incidents involving radioactive material. Hotspots | DMR For Dummies

Virtual WiFi Plus V2.7 will turn your computer into a Wifi Hotspot using Wireless hosted network technology. It will show all the devices connect to your just run this program, specify a name

HubSpot CRM has tools for everyone — from Startup to Enterprise — with an easy interface Sales, Marketing, Services & Ops will love. 2. Open the App Tray and select Mobile Hotspot. Note: If your device isn’t set up this way, you can learn its individual process by checking out a Device Simulator. 3. Tap the Mobile Hotspot checkbox. Note: The Mobile Hotspot feature can use a lot of power, so it’s a good idea to plug your phone into a charger while the feature is turned on. 4. Looking to get the fastest VPN on the market? Hotspot Shield was rated the 'world's fastest VPN for 2020' by the experts at Ookla's Speedtest. Access your favorite content by changing your IP address, browse anonymously with military-grade encryption, and shield yourself from hackers with Hotspot Shield VPN. Read this short brief and enable your patrons and students access to fast, reliable Wi-Fi connections—at home or on the go with loanable hotspots.