Introduction to the Drupal Content Management System Page 2 Style & Content are separated: Content experts are able to make changes to areas of the website, without having to learn the style rules or web editing skills required in most web authoring software.

Jan 18, 2011 Hide a primary link item for particular user in Drupal Once you install the Menu Per Role module, you can control individual menu items to hide or show them based on the user's role. So for your case, use the "Hide menu item from selected roles:" setting on the "Join Club" menu item to hide it from users with the "In the Club" role. How to show and hide menu based on custom access logic in Jul 11, 2020 How to Use the Menu Item Extras Module for Drupal 8 Apr 16, 2020

menu_disable_item | menu.module | Drupal 4.6.x | Drupal API

This lesson provides a way in Drupal 7 to hide or show an individual menu item based on the location of each visitor. The use case for this example was to show a Shop menu item to visitors in New Zealand and Australia, and hide it for visitors from all other countries. php - Drupal 6 dynamic menu item - Stack Overflow Drupal does not allow for dynamic menu items, but it can hide certain menu items if the user is not allowed to go there. Referring to your example, if you create both the links and use the permission system to restrict the creation of those node types to certain roles, Drupal will only show the menu items if the user has the required role. Menu item types | | Drupal 7.x | Drupal API

How to Use the Menu Item Extras Module for Drupal 8

The Menu Settings form for Drupal basic pages is located by navigating to your basic page. Then choose Content→Find Content and click the Edit link next to your basic page. You see the Menu Settings tab near the bottom of the form. Click this tab to open the Menu Settings form. These settings allow you […] How to add a "log in" menu item to the user menu - Drupal I'm going to jump back to the administration browser and let's go ahead and add a menu item. I'm going to go ahead and go to Structure. I'm going to go to Menus, and let's go to the User menu which is the menu that displays our two My account and Log out links. I'm … Save menu links programatically in Drupal 7 / BeFused Standard menu item. Standard menu items are relatively straight forward. You build up an array with the title of the link, path and the menu you want to save the item under (main-menu in this case). If the menu item doesn't have a parent, the plid (parent link ID) is 0. You then save the menu item using menu_link_save(); Drupal - Site Building, Menus - Server Fault I'm working with Drupal for the first time and trying to figure out how to change the Menu item names through the Administer Site Building configuration menus. I have logged into the Drupal admin site and navigated to > Administer/ Site Building/ Menus, select the menu item and click Edit, change the Title from , 'About' to 'About Us' however